Revealed: How PMI Defined Project Management Practices



One thing is common. Nothing all that are engaged in Project management practices actually knows they are executing a project. That is why there are many failed project all around. The irony of it is that there are some that are just carrying out the operation and they feel that they are doing projects.


In this article, I will explain what project management practice is and try to clarify some of your doubts. I really want to look at how Project Management Institute otherwise known as PMI defined Project Management.

How PMI Defined Project Management Practice

According to PMI, a project is an effort that is unique and is expected to produce a unique result. When you are embarking on any task that you have not done before and such a task has a beginning and ending date, it can be referred to as a project.

In a project that adopts project management practices, you have a stakeholder who will be affected positively or negatively by the outcome of the project. Some of these stakeholders want you to succeed while some are waiting for you to fail because the outcome of the project will affect them negatively. I want to tell you that whether positive or negative stakeholders, you need to know how to manage your stakeholders if you really want to succeed as a Project Manager.


Exploring more of Project Management Practices

You also need to know that a project differs in terms of the cost, schedule and the number of stakeholders that are involved in such projects. Moreso, the outcome of a project can be either tangible or intangible depending on the nature of the project.

Revealed: How PMI Defined Project Management Practices 1

In understanding project management, you should know that project management practice or outcome comes in diverse nature depending on what you are planning to achieve. A project can come in the form of conceptualization of a new product or modification of an existing product. The addition of new features to iPhone 6 to create iPhone 7 is a project while the mass production of iPhone 7 can be referred to as a process. That means in a process, there is no beginning or end date. The individual involved keeps repeating the same task without any end in sight.

In Project Management practices, we also have what is been referred to as Triple constrained which are Cost, time and scope. They are referred to as triple constraint because a change in one will always affect the other ones. When a task that supposed to take five days is now been extended to ten days, it will definitely affect the cost of the project. If care is not taken, it may also affect the scope of the project. The bottom line is that in whichever way you are handling your project, you have to make sure that you give stakeholders the desired quality that they are looking for.


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