5 types of Project Interfaces in Project Management

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What Project Interfaces are in Project Management …


First and foremost, Project interfaces can be seen as different forms of interaction and relationship that exists in a project at any given time. 
In this article, I will be talking about different project interfaces that we have in project management. Follow me as we look at some of this together.


organisational project interface

Organisational interfaces have to do with the reporting relationship among different organisational units in the organisation.


In addition, this may be internal or external to the parent organisation. This includes interfaces among the project team, top management and other functional managers who are supporting the project team.


Take for example, the discussion between the Project Manager and the I.T Manager can be said to be organisational in nature.

project interface

technical project interface

Furthermore, we have the Technical interface. They are reporting relationship among technical disciplines on the project that occurs during a phase or during the transition between phases in the project.

They always reflect informal and formal relationships with people on the project team as well as people that are outside the team.


interpersonal project interface

This type of project interface can be said to be formal and informal reporting relationships among individuals working on the project, whether they are internal or external to the project.
A good example is a discussion between two team members about the progress of the project.

logistical project interface

A logical interface also with a relationship between project team members who are distributed across different buildings m countries and time zones.

We always refer to them as virtual teams.


political project interface 

This is a kind of Project interface that exist inside the organisation. It has to do with how different people within the organisation promote their interests.


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Finally, people always find ways of imposing their will on other individuals or find ways of making sure that their own interest is been done.

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