11 Project Governance Framework for Projects

11 Project Governance Framework for Projects


In one of my previous articles, I have talked about the Project Governance team and the role they are expected to play in maintaining a successful project. In this article, I want to look at the project governance framework for the project and how this can contribute to project success. Let us look at some of this framework together in this article.


11 Project Governance Framework for Projects

#1 Acceptance criteria as part of the project governance framework for projects

It is the duty of the Project governance team to come up with the acceptance criteria for each of the deliverable of the project. They are the ones that will let the Project manager knows the conditions that must be met before the deliverable can be accepted by the governance team and other stakeholders.


#2 Escalating issues

One of the Project governance frameworks that must be established is the procedures for escalating and resolving issues. The Project governing board must come up with the procedures for submitting change requests and making changes to the original scope of the project.


#3 Project relationships as part of the project governance framework for projects

The Project governance framework also establishes relationships and communication models among project team members. It shows the way communication should be carried out between the project team, the project management team, PMO and other stakeholders that are involved in a project.


#4 Project Organisational chart as part of the project governance framework for projects

Another major framework that should be set by the Project governance team is the project organizational chart and power-sharing. This will clearly show how power is being shared in an organization. It will also show the powers that are available to the project manager as well.


#5 Communication process and procedures as part of the project governance framework for projects

It is also the duty of the Project Governance team to decide on the communication process and procedures for the organization. They are to decide on how information and updates about the project will be shared and communicated. This will ensure that the right information and updates reach critical stakeholders so that they can make project decisions.


#6 Process for decision making

The Project management framework will also show the process for decision making in the organization. It will show some of the steps that must be followed when stakeholders need to agree on the scope or decide on what should be communicated and how it should be communicated.

#7 Aligning Project strategy

It is also the duty of the project governance team to align the project objectives with the organizational strategy. I have said it in many of my articles that the project must align with the mission and vision statement of the organization before it can be approved. The top management now has to work in order to ensure that those stated goals and objectives are realized.


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#8 Project lifecycle approach

The Project management framework also talks about the project lifecycle approach for the project. That means the document prepared by the team will state clearly how the different aspects of the project such as initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling as well as the closing of the project will be done.


#9 Phase gate review

Another aspect of the project management framework is the project phase gate review. There are always incremental review carried out at the different phase of a project which will help the project management team to decide if the project can move to the next phase or not. It is the governance team that will determine when this phase review will happen in the project.


#10 Change approval

The project governance team will also specify how approval will be gotten for changes that are above the Project manager threshold. There are some thresholds that are within the Project Managers limit. You might be able to approve changes that are not above ten thousand naira. If the changes are above that amount, you need to undergo change procedures before those kinds of changes can be approved.

#11 Stakeholder alignment as part of the project governance framework for projects

There are also processes of aligning stakeholders with the internal requirements of the project. This process ensures that you are able to speak with stakeholders and get their expectations for the project. It will also help you to get maximum support from these stakeholders. This will ultimately increase the success rate of the project as well.


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7 Impacts of Organisational Culture on Project Management


In most of my previous articles, I have told you about Project Governance team  and some of the roles that they have to play in project management

I have also said whatever project that will be approved must have a link with the organizational goals and objectives. In this article, I want to look at some of these organizational cultures and goals. I will be looking at how some of these goals can impact project management practice. Follow me as we look at that in this article.

organisational culture

#1 Code of conduct as part of the organizational culture

One of the factors that can influence how projects will be carried out in an organization is the code of conduct of that organization. As a good Project Manager, you are expected to abide by all rules and regulations that guide operations in the organization. This code of conduct is to guide you and your project team members while performing project activities.

#2 Shared visions and beliefs as part of the organizational culture

Your organization shared visions and beliefs are one of the factors that will determine how a particular project will be handled in the organization. If the organization, for example, believes that a particular method should be handled to coordinate the project successfully. You may have no option than to use such methods as a Project Manager.

#3 Operating Environments as part of the organizational culture

The Operating environment that you find yourself as the Project Manager will also dictate what happens on your project. For example, if you find yourself in an environment where the Project Manager is more important than team members, you will notice that you will be able to achieve more than an environment where the Project Manager has to take directive from Departmental Managers.

#4 Risk tolerance level

The risk tolerance level of the organization is also one of the organizational cultures that will dictate how their project will. There are two modes when it comes to risk tolerance for projects. We have risk-seeking organizations who are ready to take risks no matter what.


This kind of organization just wants to explore and see if they will win. They always set large budgets for managing risks. We also have a risk-averse risk as much as possible. They run their projects incrementally in order to avoid risks. The Project manager in such an environment is always micromanaged in order to avert risks. This will have great impacts on their projects.

#5 Regulations, policies and procedures

One other factor that determines how projects are being carried out in any organization is the regulations and policies guiding such organizations. This can impact greatly what the project manager can do. You have to set your working hours for example based on the number of hours that is permitted. You cannot do anything outside what the organization allows, This is very important for you to know as a Project Manager.

#6 Motivation and rewards systems

One of the organizational cultures that can be in place in any organization is the motivation and reward system. Every organization has a way of promoting and rewarding its employees. As a Project manager managing a project. You are also the Human Resources Manager. You have to make sure that the same reward system that is being applied by the organization is also used in your projects.

#7 Organisational leadership and hierarchy

Project Managers in any organization are not immune to the influence of leadership in the organization. The type of organizational structure being adopted by an organization will affect the way their projects are being run. If you are in an organization where departmental managers have more power than project managers, it will really tell on how you are able to access resources for your project.


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