7 Ways That Project Charter Guides Project Managers


Here is how Project Charter can guide Project Managers…


As Project Managers in any organisation, many at times, just like Moses in the Bible and the Israelite, you will be faced with the question of who gave you the authority to rule over us? Most at times, you will need the cooperation of stakeholders in order to succeed.


Your project is likely to affect how things are being done in the organisation. That is one of the reasons why you need a Project Charter.

A Project Charter is a document that formally launches and authorizes a new project to start. It is a document that gives you the ” Go ahead ” to begin a project and get all the necessary authority you need to succeed in your project.


7 Ways That Project Charter Guides Project Managers
A project, in order to succeed, must match what is available in an organisation. It must be something that will help the organisation to achieve its goals and objectives. It must be something that will help the organisation to achieve its business requirements.

The Project charter covers all that the Project set to achieve and they are going to do in order to achieve the stated objectives of the project.

Most at times, the Project Charter is been prepared by the Project Sponsor but at times, this function can be delegated to a Project Managers. Anytime the Project Manager prepares the Project charter, it must be signed by the Project Sponsor before any stakeholder can reckon with it.


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Project Charter, most at times can be published on the Project intranet website for accessibility but it is not a document that is available for everyone. It is meant for a specific group of people, most especially the top management.


In my previous article, I have talked about the definition of a Project charter as well as how to actually create a Project Charter. In this article, I want to round up on that discussion by looking at more steps that you need to take when you are trying to create a Project Charter.
I will also focus extensively on the use of project charter in project management so that businesses can make the right decisions as far as project management is concerned.


Project objectives
Like I have said in my previous articles, money seems to be the only language that the top management understand.
In getting top management approval for your project, you must state clearly what the organisation stand to gain if the project is been executed.
This will help top management to make a “GO” or no “GO” decision as far as the project is concerned.


#1 Project descriptions
When we talk of the project description, we are looking at what needs to be accomplished before we can categorically say that the project has achieved its objectives.
This should also explain in clear terms what should be on ground before you can say that a particular objective of a project has been met.


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#2 Project deliverables
The project, you should know is all about deliverables and deliverables alone.

The Project charter used by Project Managers must state in clear terms all the output or results that must be on the ground before you can say that the project has achieved its objectives.

Deliverable is not all about the physical building standing. The documents that you must prepare in the course of executing your project can also be referred to as deliverables.


#3 Milestone and cost estimates
One of the basic steps that you need to take as a Project Manager is to set milestones for your project.
Milestones are landmark events that must happen in the course of carrying out your project.

If you are constructing a building, the completion of the first floor is a milestone, the decking, as well as the painting, are all milestones.
Apart from having this unique milestone as part of your project, you also have to know what it will cost to achieve each of these milestones.


#4 Related document
There is a need for you to have a list of references that are used to create a Project Charter.
This will assist stakeholders that want to do further clarification to visit that reference materials.


#5 Project organisational structure
I have talked about this in my past articles as well. I have talked about projectized, matrix as well as functional organisational structure.

This will help the Project Manager to know how authority flows in an organisation.
The Project Manager will also know the limits of his powers as far as the project is concerned.


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#6 Issuing Authority
The last thing which renders the document valid and binding is the Project Sponsor’s name and signature.

The Sponsor can prepare the Project charter on his own or he can delegate the responsibility to Project Managers but the Sponsor needs to sign the Project charter before it can be a valid document.


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