Missing Link Between Project Charter And Project Management Plan

The Missing Link Between Project Charter And Project Management Plan


Project Charter creation is one of the controversial issues in project management practice. It has always been a source of controversy. Many do not know who supposed to create the Project Charter. The document supposed to come from the Project Sponsor. In most instances, the Project Sponsor before it can be tenable.


The Project Charter, on one hand, is a document issued by the Project Sponsor that formally authorizes the existence of a Project and provide the Project manager with the authority to apply organisational resources to project activities. It allows the Project Manager to use company resources to achieve project objectives.

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The Missing Link Between Project Charter And Project Management Plan

The Project Management Plan can be defined as the document that describes how the project will be executed, monitored and controlled. It consists of a list of subsidiary documents that describes how different parts of the project will be monitored and controlled.


One major thing that you need to know about a Project Charter and Project management Plan is that you can update the Project Management Plan but you can never update a Project Charter. That is why some separate subsidiary documents are created. This includes documents that address high-level risks in a project. This type of risks is addressed through the creation of a risk management plan for the project.


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