10 Outputs of Project Charter Documentation

project charter documentation

12 Outputs of Project Charter Documentation


At the end of Project Charter documentation by the Project Sponsor and other Project stakeholders, here are some of the elements that you will have in a project charter document.


The Project Charter is the document issued by the Project initiator or Sponsor that formally authorizes the existence of a project and provides the Project Manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities. It documents the high-level information on the project and on the product or results, the project is intended to satisfy.


Some of the Project charter documentation requirements include:

project charter documentation


One of the elements that you will find in a project charter documentation is the project purpose. The Project charter will allow the Project Manager and the project stakeholders to understand what the project really wants to achieve at the end of the day.


Another fact that you will get from the project chart documentation is the success criteria for the project, It will also show some of the metrics that you can use to measure the deliverables of the project. This will help to prove whether the project is succeeding or not.



Another fact that you will always find in a project charter for a document is the project description and boundaries. This item will allow you to have a complete grasp of the project scope and key deliverables expected from the project.



The Project Charter as a document shows the overall project risk for the project. This will enable the Project Manager to determine the probability and impact of all project risks. For this, high-level risks are recorded in the project risk register while low-level risks are recorded inside watchlists.



The Project Charter will also show some of the high-level requirements for the project. This shows some of the requirements that must be fulfilled before we can say that a particular project is successful or not.



The stakeholder will also identify some of the milestones that must be fulfilled for a particular project. When some of these dates are missed, it is an indication that the project will run late. The Project Manager also needs to generate a report that will be sent to stakeholders when he achieved or miss a milestone. 



This has to do with defining what constitutes project success as well as who decides whether the project is successful or not as well as who signs off the project. This allows the project manager to know some of the features that deliverables must have before it will be accepted by stakeholders.



This has to do with understanding what conditions must be met before any project can move from one task to another. This ensures that all conditions are met before a project moves from one stage to another.



The Project Charter also authorizes the project manager to use organizational resources to achieve project objectives. This is why PMI recommends that the project charter should be prepared by the Project Sponsor. In most cases, the opposite is the case. The main thing is that even though the PM prepares the Project Charter, a higher authority must sign for it to be valid.


The Project Charter must also have all the name and authority of other persons(s) authorizing the document.

At a higher level, the Project Charter ensures there is a common understanding between the stakeholders about the key project milestones and the rules and responsibilities of everyone involved in the project.


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