Facts About Program Management For Projects

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Facts About Program Management For Projects


In my previous article, I have talked about organisational project management, in this article, I want to about some of the facts that you should know about organizational program management. Follow me as we look at that in this article.


Program Management is been defined as the application of knowledge, skills and principles to achieve the program objectives and control not available by managing program components individually.


Program management consists of projects that are within the program.


Also, it focuses on interdependencies within a project to determine the optimal approach for managing the project.

5 Unknows Facts About Program Management For Projects

Program management focuses on the interdependencies between projects and between projects.  it helps to determine the optimal approach for managing them.


#1 Strategic Alliance

Firstly, Program Management thrives on its alignment with the organisational or strategic direction. This covers projects that affect program and project goals and objectives. Each of the projects that makes up a program has to be aligned with the focus of the organisation. They have to make sure that each of the projects is aligned to fit in into the focus of the organisation.


#2 Allocation

Another major component of Program management is the allocation of Program scope into program components. The Program Manager has to ensure that individual projects that are included in the Program are enough to cover the scope of the entire program. This will assist the organisation in achieving the desired program objectives. 


#3 managing interdependencies

Another focus of program management has to do with the management of interdependencies among the various individual projects. The Program Manager has to ensure that the primary purpose of managing those projects together is achieved. He has to work on how those projects can be managed together in order to achieve the desired results. 


#4 Managing Program risks

One other aspect of Program management is that it helps in managing program risks that may jeopardize the project. This will allow the Program Manager to identify various risks that may jeopardize the project and come up with risk mitigation strategies in order to reduce the impact of those risk on the overall program of the organisation.


#5 Resolving constraints

Also, it has the ability to resolve constraints that are likely to impact on the project. There are also conflicts that might make the project to hit a brick wall.


The Program Manager needs to discuss with other stakeholders. They must find how to address those issues amicably. This will help them to achieve the desired objective.


He also needs to keep updating the stakeholders on the state of those constraints. This should be based on the already established communication and stakeholder engagement plan.


#6 Resolving issues

Furthermore, Program Management helps in resolving issues that will hinder us from achieving projects objectives.


By and large, having conflict management strategies in place will allow the Program manager to holistically look at individual projects in collaboration with other stakeholders. This will allow him to come up with ways of achieving the overall objectives of the program.


#7 Managing change requests

Above all,  Program Management allows organisations to coordinate changes to projects with similar objectives. With it, chances are not managed at the component level but at the central level. If the Program Manager wants to make changes to any part of the Program, he has to look at how that change will affect other parts of the project. That will allow the Program to achieve its objective. 


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