Examining Product Utility And Warranty In ITIL

Product Utility is one of the concepts in economics. It is the ability to derive maximum satisfaction from a particular product.

This has to do with the ability of a product to satisfy the need of users. Let us take, for example, I am thirsty.

Getting chilled bottled water might be all that I need in order to be satisfied.


If I now take the chilled water and it does not satisfy me, that means I have not derived utility from that product.
If I was now offered the chilled bottled water and it now has an odour, it will never satisfy my need. 
utility and warranty
As an I.T personnel, you have to consider customer satisfaction when you are designing any product. You need to find out what customers and prospects are actually looking for.
Carrying out a survey and interviewing prospect is one of the ways of finding out what customer wants. You need their input in your product design. 


Warranty, on the other hand, is the ability of the manufacturer to stand in when the product failed.
If a product has a warranty that means the designer is ready to come in to fix errors. There are some that purchase products. 

Examining Product Utility And Warranty In ITIL

The product comes with a year warranty. That means they enjoy support for a year while that warranty lasts. We also have an extended warranty.
Once the normal warranty is over, the customer needs to pay if he wants to continue to enjoy the warranty. 

Most of the times, both warranty and utility are always combined in order to ensure that customers are satisfied. When you are designing a product, you need to ask some fundamental questions.
What are the features that I should add to this product? What will customers be looking out for in this product?
 It is when you are trying to answer this question that you can come up with a better product.


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