Analyzing Process Analysis for Projects

process analysis for projects

Analyzing Process Analysis for Projects


Process Analysis for Projects is the method that is used for identifying organizational and technical improvements to projects.


Various techniques are used to conduct the analysis, including flowcharting that shows the relationships between process steps and root cause analysis that helps determine the underlying causes and develop corrective actions.


The factors that need to be examined when performing the analysis are the processing capacity,  capacity utilization, throughput rate, flow time, process time, idle time, work in progress, set-up time, direct labour time, direct labour utilization and quality.

process analysis for projects

#1 Existing Process

There is a need for you to document the existing process that is being used and create a flowchart to show how that process works. Having that in place will allow the Project Manager to determine some of the changes that needed to be made to such processes. 


#2 Entry and Exit criteria

Also, when it comes to managing projects, there are conditions that must be fulfilled when a project has to enter or leave a particular phase. In doing process analysis for projects, the Project Manager has to have detailed documentation of what must be done before a project enters or leave a particular phase. This will guide executors in knowing what to do at every point in time.


#3 Process Analysis Interview

At times, you may need to conduct a process analysis interview with people that will actually carry out the work in order to understand some of the limitations that they are facing when it comes to performing their roles. You have to also document their suggestions and challenges in order to find solutions to them in collaboration with other stakeholders. 


#4 Failure mode

There is a need for you to also conduct a failure mode and the effect analysis in order to identify the possible failures in the process. This mode test allows you to test the entire process holistically in order to discover areas that are likely to generate failures. This allows the Project Manager to enter a retrospective mode and come up with possible solutions and corrections to the defect areas in the project.


#5 Identify limitation

When you are carrying out process analysis for projects, you also need to identify limitations that your project has. You have to know what is covered in the project as well as what you are not permitted to do as far as the project is concerned. There is a need for you to also identify some of the possible failures that are associated with all the processes that needed to be done for the project.


#6 Appropriate Operating decisions

There is a need for you to also identify some of the appropriate operating decisions that you need to take in order to improve the entire process. As a Project Manager, you are responsible for coming up with machinery that will allow your project to run better. You must be able to analyze existing process and come up with suggestions on how such processes can be redefined in order to improve the productivity and turnaround time for the project.


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