Preparatory phase activities of CRM

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At the end of this lesson, readers should be able to:

  • Define the CRM vision
  • Assess Organisation’s readiness
  • Audit the IS/IT infrastructure.


CRM vision is the reference point to both the internal as well as external customer of the organisation. Organisation’s strategy is tightly interwoven into the CRM vision. Normally, a top management representative owns the visioning process. The CRM Visions is typically accompanied by a strategic action plan and an implementation plan.

preparatory phase activities

When we take of a vision, it is the future that you are aiming. It is what you want your organization to be come in the nearest future. It is basically what your organization stands for and without it, you are clueless on organization.

A vision must take into cons’ duration that strategic direction of an organization. It all cleanly print out what you organization set out to achieve and how they intend to achieve it. Anybody that see it, must be able to know the direction of your organization vision must be accompanied by a strategic action and implementation. It is not all about you having a laudable plan, you must have a blue print that shows how intend to achieve your plan of action. Organizations should ensure that the CRM vision is kept relevant and alive.

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