Use of precedence diagramming method in Projects

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Here is all that you need to know about Precedence Diagramming Method….



The Precedence Diagramming Method is a Project Schedule Network Diagram that uses rectangular boxes or nodes to represent activities and arrows to represent precedence relationship in a project.

Its features….

One of the basic features of Precedence Diagramming Method is that it always read from left to right. This shows how each of the activities relate to one another.
Precedence Diagramming Method also shows duration only in nodes. That means the lines will indicate how long a particular activity is going to take to complete.

Precedence Diagramming Method can also be created manually or software. You can use your hand or software to create the diagram automatically as you are imputing your task.

precedence diagramming method
The Precedence Diagramming Method can also report a group of related activities as an aggregate activity. You can group activities that fall under one deliverable together as one single activity. The breakdown can be done in another view method.

The Precedence Diagramming Method is also capable of using different precedence relationship types. That means it can have a start to start, start to finish, or finish to finish relationship.

Summary activities….
A Summary activity is a group of related activities, that for reporting purpose is, shown as a single aggregate activity in a bar chart or graph. It may also be called a ” Hammock Activity” . Some summary activities have their own internal sequence of activities but others may include separate activities.

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