Six best practises for Windows patches updates

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Lets talk about some of the best practices for Windows Patches Updates….

Windows patches are updates that are released in order to beef up security or correct any error observed in the earlier version of software. When they are much in Windows, they are always released as Driver Packs. In this article, I want to talk about six vital things that you need to take note of when you need to update your Windows. This will go a long way in preventing you from dark Angels. Follow me as we look at this together.


#1 Choose to be notified
When you want to receive Windows patches, you have to choose to be notified. Most at times when new softwares are coming out, some of the developers do not do their homework very well because they are eager to rush to market. This rush to market always create some forms of vulnerability in the softwares. In order to correct this anomalies m they always come up with patches to correct the security flaws. You need to choose to be updated when new patches are available for your Windows.

Windows patches updates


#2 Questionable integrity
Another best practises for Windows patches updates is that you must not download from questionable source.The next thing you need to do when you are carrying out patches updates is to check the integrity of your source.
The next warning I am going to give to you is that you should not open executable files from places of questionable integrity. Preferably if you need to get any update at all, it should be from the vendor’s website.


#3 No to email
You should be advised that you must not send patches or receive patches through email. At times most of the emails might have headers that can deceive you that those patches are coming from the right source whereas they are not.


#4 Be up to date
You have to be sure that you  are patched up to the latest level. You cannot have an expired anti virus and feel that you are immune to virus that was created yesterday. Among people that I have seen, it is always easy for them to download anti virus but to update it has always been the problem.


#5 Vendors site alone
For a good Windows patches updates, make sure you rely on Vendors site alone. I need to repeat this warning again. You have to always make sure that you are downloading patches only from the vendor’ s website . The reason been that there some websites that are designed to look like the original website but their main focus is to get vital information from you. You have to be wary of such website.


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#6 Patch management tools
When you want to receive Windows patches updates, there is the need for you to use patch management tools for effective management of patches for all your softwares. You can ask Google in order to see the options that you 


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