Potential losses due to security attacks

Losses due to security attacks

Many of us have been victims of security attacks at one time or the other. Some of us were so careless. We feel there is nothing we have that is important to hackers. Hell no! That was a mistake.

It is very wrong to grow up with that assumption. There are many things that you have that hackers are looking for. 
When hackers target your device. They want to steal your information. Some are even doing it for the fun of it. Why do you think they create viruses? It is for the fun of it. The more damage it does, the better.
 security attacks
That is why you need to wise up. In this article, I want to look at six potential losses due to malware attacks. Follow me as we look at this together. 

#1 resources misuse as part of losses due to security attacks
One of the thing that will happen is that your computer resources will be misused. If they are able to have access to your credit card information or your images, they are going to use it for nefarious activities.
Some of these activities can land you in jail. That is why you should not be careless about your information. 

#2 data loss as part of losses due to security attacks

Computer attacks can also lead to loss of data. Can you remember the amount of data you have lost to virus attacks? I am sure you are happy that it happened? Just kidding. That is why you need to look for a good anti-virus software.
This also tells you that you have to take seriously of your device to avoid further losses. 

#3 loss of trust

This is another potential negative effect of security attacks. You are likely to lose goodwill. Take, for instance, a hacker attacked your device and he was able to steal some vital information.
If you are arrested and you landed in jail. How long will it take you to clear your name? Some are not able to clear their name after all. 
#4 Financial loss as part of losses due to security attacks
Computer security attacks will definitely lead to financial loss. You are going to lose data that will cause you to lose money. What if the attacker is able to have access to your Social Security Number or Credit Card information.
That is why I will advise that such vital information should not be stored on your phone. It is not also advisable to write your password or pin down anywhere. You have to be security conscious. 

#5 unavailability of resources

Computer device attacks will make resources not to be available when you need it. A virus might have destroyed the data or you have been locked out of access. The bottom line is that cannot find that information when you need it.

This might lead to a situation where you are not able to meet up with deadlines. It can also lead to loss of trust.

#6 identity theft
one of the negative effect if malware or hackers’ attack is that it will lead to identity theft. They might be able to steal your information and use it for nefarious activities. It is also possible for them to create accounts in your name in order to dupe people.
This is very common for important personalities. That is why you have to be very careful.

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