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Politics, Power, And Getting Things Done In Projects



Politics, Power, and getting things done in Projects




Leadership and management are ultimately about being able to get things done. The skills and qualities noted help the Project Manager to achieve the project goals and objectives.


At the root of many of these skills and qualities is the ability to deal with politics in the organization. There will always be influences that will not allow the Project Manager to achieve project goals. The Project Manager needs to understand the politics of the organization. He must be able to come up with ways influencing it to his own advantage. You should note that politics involve influence, negotiation, autonomy, and powers.


Politics and its associated elements are not “good” or “bad” “positive” or “negative” alone. The better the Project Manager observes and collects data about the project organizational landscape. The data then needs to be revealed in the context of the project, the people involved, the organization, and the environment as a whole.

Politics, Power, And Getting Things Done In Projects

This review yields the information and knowledge necessary for the Project Manager to plan and implement the most appropriate action.


The Project manager’s action is a result of selecting the right kind of power to influence and negotiate with others. Exercise of power also carries with it the responsibility of being sensitive to and respectful to other people.


The effective action of the Project Manager maintains the autonomy of those involved. The Project Manager‘s action results in the right people performing the activities necessary to fulfil the project objectives.


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