5 principles of PMP Agile Methodology

Many of us have heard about PMP agile methodology. in fact, PMI has a separate certification for agile. This has created the question on which certification to go for. In this article, I want to tell you some of the things that are expected when a Project Manager is using this type of methodology to manage projects. Follow me as we look at some of the things that are expected in this article.


#1 Iterative and incremental projects

One of the fundamentals of agile is that it makes use of the incremental and iterative approach. That means all about the projects are not planned at once. More details are added as the project move from one place to another. This allows the projects to start without waiting for some of the other details about the project.


#2 initially meant for IT projects

Another important fact about agile methodology is that it was initially meant for IT project but it can now be applied to other types of project as well. You should know that as a PMP certified individual, you can manage any type of project.


#3 Focus on customer value

The agile methodology also focuses on customer value. It does not rely much on paperwork. It is also about what satisfies the customer. The team members are expected to work together in unison in order to ensure that customers are satisfied at the end of the day.


#4 Output based on feedback

When it comes to PMP agile methodology, you should also understand that it is the customer that has the final say as far as the output is concerned. The customer who will take delivery of the project is expected to check the deliverable and check if it meets up with the deadline he is expecting. If there are any complaints, the team members are expected to work on the feedback provided by the customer.


#5 Facilitator not a taskmaster

One other beautiful thing about agile methodology is that the role of the Project Manager is more of a facilitator than a taskmaster. He is expected to encourage and guide the team members to achieve their desired objectives and not dictating what they would have to do to them.


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