Understanding Plugin Installation For Mozilla Firefox

Let’s look at managing plugin installation for Firefox…


I know you might have heard about Mozilla Firefox plugin installation in browsers? What can we refer to as Plugins? They are tools that need to be installed before a particular action can be completed. There are times that some of these messages are displayed when you are visiting some websites.

Understanding Plugin Installation For Mozilla Firefox
How it is been done…
The “Install missing Plugins” message appears while opening some websites.
As I said earlier, Plugins are required to display files, graphics or play a video on a webpage. In order not to download malware, you need to check if the source of the missing software is trustworthy.
Scanning when you are doing Plugin installation…
You have to scan the downloaded plugin using antivirus software before you install it into your system. This will ensure that malware is not introduced into your device.  You really to prevent malware when carrying out plugin installation.


Privacy settings

In my previous article, I have started a discussion on some of the steps that you can take to secure Mozilla Firefox browser. You need to set up some Privacy settings in order to secure your browser. This will ensure that your information does not fall into the hand of third parties. Follow me as I show you how to do that in this article.
How to go about setting privacy settings
privacy settings
You have to select Privacy in the Options window.
This is also the area where you can choose whether the browser will remember browsing history.
Click “Clear your recent history”.
Select the time range to clear history.
Check the options required to clear the history and click “Clear now”
Now let’s see some basic security settings for Mozilla Firefox…
Having gone through some of the security settings for Internet Explorer, now I want to shift my attention to Mozilla Firefox. I will be talking about some of the security measures that you should take when you are using Mozilla Firefox. This will help you to prevent third parties from having access to your information.
mozilla firefox
How to go about the plugin installation
The very first thing is to launch the Mozilla Firefox browser.
Next, you will click the Tools menu item and select Options.
Understanding Plugin Installation For Mozilla Firefox 1
You have to select Security from the Options window.
Check the option “Warn me when sites try to install add-ons” so that the browser can prompt you when websites try to install an add-on to your computer.
Understanding Plugin Installation For Mozilla Firefox 2

The next thing is to click the Exceptions button and enter the URL address of the website that you would like to allow and click Allow to specify the website you are to allow.
Check the “Block reported attack sites” option to avoid visiting a malicious website.
Check the option “Block reported web forgeries” to actively check whether the site being visited is an attempt to steal personal information.

You have to uncheck the “Remember password for sites” option to prevent the browser from remembering the passwords for the login pages visited.


Secure file download

Let’s talk about how to secure file download when you are using Mozilla Firefox
Do you know many have downloaded a virus into their systems because they failed to follow the rules of secure file download? Not having the necessary settings in your system can compromise the securing of your device. That is why you have to follow the settings prescribed in this article. Follow me as I show you some of the settings that you need to apply. They are really very simple.
secure file download
Let us now see how file downloading should be done…
One vital thing that you should not do when you are downloading from the internet is that you should never download from an unknown source. This goes to some of us that like to download antivirus from an unknown source. You might be downloading a virus without knowing.  This malware is also capable of degrading your system performance. Beware.

Also in Mozilla Firefox, files are downloaded by default to “My Document”. It will normally under the Downloads section of My document. The bottom line is that they must be scanned thoroughly before you open such a document.

Configuring file download
To configure the file download settings, go to Tools, Click on Options and choose General.
Check the Option ” Always ask me where to save the file” to allow the browser to ask before downloading a file and to specify the location to which it will be downloaded.

The browser then directly downloads the file to the default location without any intimation if this option is unchecked.

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Understanding Plugin Installation For Mozilla Firefox 3

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