How To Plan For Risks In CRM Projects

This is how you can plan for risks in CRM Projects…

A risk management plan is a document that describes the project team approach to identifying the risks that are likely to ground the project to a halt. There are some risks that when they occur, your project might not be able to recover from it or move forward. It is the duty of a project manager to see and identify those risks beforehand, so as to guarantee the successful completion of the project.

In this article, I want to look at some of the things that risk management identifies. Follow me as we look at this critical component together.

risk in crm projects
#1 Methodology and approach

There must be laid down rules set by the project management office to identify risks that might likely surface while executing a project. The plan must also state the approach that will be adopted in tracking the risks is it surfaced in the process of executing the project.

#2 Roles and responsibilities
Some have argued that in the process of executing a project, pointing accusing fingers is very bad. One thing we should know is that in executing a successful project, you must know who is responsible for what. You have to know the roles that each of your team members are expected to play if at all a particular risk appears.

#3 Budget and schedule
We have varying level of risks that can surface in a project. Some are categorized as high, low or medium risks. That shows that there are some risks that you can use to your own advantage. In order to do that, you need to plan ahead. This may require budgeting. That means some amount of money must be set aside to deal with risk if at all they occur in your project.

#4 Risk categories
There is the need to categorize the risks that are likely to occur in your project. You must be able to say precisely whether its high or low risks. This will tell you whether you should move ahead with a risk or not.


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