Physical Security: Appropriate use of lock for device security

Physical Security

One of the means of securing your device is through the use of locks to restrict access. I have said it in my previous article that this is the first step in device security. If you are careless about where your devices are placed, you are opening yourself to attacks.


physical security


First and foremost, a lock can be seen as the primary method of protection for devices. If devices are locked, it prevents access to information data and all other sensitive information stored on the system. It is not good to have devices with password or pins to lock them. I will also want to say that you should consider putting anti-theft on your devices as well. It will go a long in reducing cases of Android theft anywhere. Just visit Google PlayThere is the need for you to store and find a good one.



Also, there is the need for you to know that when you are using locks, it provides different levels of security depending on the design of the device. This can also go a long way in determining who can access a device and what they need to do before access can be granted.


One of the uses of locks is that it can be used to restrict access to a computer room. The individual trying to use such room may need to request a key to the room. This can prevent unauthorized access to the computer room.


Other uses of locks are that it can prevent the computer from unauthorized access. When an unauthorized person has access to a particular device or system, abuse is inevitable. That is why they must be prevented at all cost.


Do you know that you can also lock the CPU and the boot process of a system so that unauthorized users will not have access to the boot process? That will help to guarantee the integrity of information stored on that particular system.




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