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Phrases you should never tell your sons

These are some phrases that parents they should never mention their children to measure them or cause them a conflict of personality behavior one only makes me upset When you hear this, your child will feel that it is a burden or hindrance so that instead of making you happy makes you unhappy is a way of telling him you don’t want him what that makes you feel sad rejected and heartbreak try to explain better than is not behaving the way proper that that is bothering you two .

1. I’ll punish you every now and then

2. Because you are not like your brother

3. Stop bothering set rules and schedule

4. I will tell you Father

5. You are a fool

6. Hurry Up

Now let me explain

1, I’ll punish you every now and then

 this call from attention works fine but if not you comply with the warning this will have a negative effect on the child never say you’ll take action if you’re not willing to comply instead of threaten especially the little ones who tend to repeat mischief regardless of the punishment that they it is better to move them away from the situation and draw your attention to another activity if the child is older, apply the sanction that you put but explaining why do you do it

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 2, Because you are not like your brother  

don’t compare it with any of your others children understands that every child is very different from the other and not why one has be bad give you the chance to be authentic doesn’t have to be the copy of his brothers neither of the most educated nor of more studious

 3, Stop bothering set rules and schedules

 For spending quality time your child is such an excellent idea you won’t have to always tell him to approach you stop bothering because every time he hear from you that prayer the safest thing is the idea that you never have time for him and it’s not worth it approach because you do it aside explain that at that moment you are busy but later spend some time playing with him


 4, I will tell your father

This phrase seems to be one of the moms favorites because they lets ignore the problem has several disadvantages decreases the authority of the mother who delegates the responsibility in dad gives a role negative to the father the children end up by feel afraid of the moment the parent jay la casa don’t cry you’re a little man the only thing that is achieved is that the children understand that crying is wrong or that emotions are something embarrassing they should hide in the long run this can bring repressed emotion problems also you put the masculine as value and the feminine as a related defect with weakness better use phrases like I know you’re sad because I gave you to avoid it next time try behave better

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 5, You are a fool 

This phrase lends itself to assign the negative labels to your child you are clumsy you are unbearable among others although you intention is not to harm you are giving a quality that is not real but only fruit of a colerĂ³n Momentary tell him sentences like this moment you are behaving badly so no you tag it but you make him see that his attitude is not adequate

 6, Hurry up 

Try to keep calm and get organized better get up an hour earlier so that time reaches you or leave the things ready for the next day tell them always hurry up when who is behind schedule are you so stressed and will end up feeling so or more pressed that you did .

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