4 Questions to Ask When Performing Quality Checklists

quality checklists

4 Questions to Ask When Performing Quality Checklists




Quality Checklists are job aids that prompt employees to perform activities according to a consistent standard. They include a pre-determined set of quality-related steps that need to be performed during quality control for a project.

quality checklists

Quality checklists can be used during quality assurance. The checklists may range from simple to complex, based on the project requirements. Standardized checklists for frequently performed task can be made available to ensure consistency. 


There are some evaluation steps or questions to be asked when you are performing quality checklists for projects. Some of these questions include:

  • Whether the quality assurance functions and related roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.
  • Whether the completion or verification criteria are defined for each task producing an output.
  • Is there a process defined for verifying the output for each task?
  • Will task be marked “complete” only after the quality assurance process has been successfully completed?


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