Performing outcome based segmentation in web analytics

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Here are the ways of performing outcome based segmentation in web analytics….



Outcome based segmentation as the name implies can be defined as the process of segmenting and grouping together all those data that have the same thing in common. In my previous article, I have made it clear that the best way to perform analytics is to divide your data based on the source that they are coming from .


I have also talked about performing behaviour based analytics generally in my previous article as well. In this article, I want to look at how you can perform outcome based segmentation in web analytics. Follow me as we look at this in this article.

Outcome based segmentation is based on  customers actions

Outcome based segmentation allows you to articulate all crucial activities that you expect customers to perform on your website. Some of this activities might include making purchases, downloading e-book or others from your website as well.


Outcome based segmentation allows you to analyse further all those category of visitors that have performed the action that you are expecting them to perform. You should note that these are not viewed on individual basis.

outcome based segmentation

Outcome based segmentation also allow you to invest your resources on activities that will bring about positive result. You are able to invest your meagre resources into areas where you will get maxi um result. For example, you might be running a campaign to introduce new products to existing customers that are willing to pay for those products and services.

There are some parameters to be considered when you are running outcome based campaign.

You have to look at customers who placed online orders as well those who introduced them as leads. According to Strategyn Blog, you may also want to focus on the geographical location where those categories of customers are coming from.

You will also want to look at customers and the product they bought when you are considering running outcome based campaign. This will go a long way in improving customer experience and increasing lead conversion at the end of the day.


Performing outcome based segmentation for your SEO is one of the decision that you can take when you want to rank higher in search engines. In order to do it better, you need to make sure that you break down the analysis to the barest minimum. This will help you to identify the driving force of traffic to your website. You will be able to come up with strategies and campaigns aimed at turning more leads to customers.

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