How To Perform Quality Audits for Projects

quality audits for projects

How To Perform Quality Audits for Projects


Quality Audits for Projects is an independent evaluation or review of a project’s quality assurance system to improve the quality performance of a project.


The audits can take place at scheduled or random intervals. The Auditor may be a trained individual from within the performing organization or a qualified representative of a third-party organization.

quality audits for projectsDuring a quality audit, the quality management plan is analyzed to make sure that it is still reflective of what has been learned in the project and to ensure that the operational definitions are still adequate and valid.


The results of a quality audit are important for the current project and for later projects or other parts of the organization.


Typical example…

An Auditor for a manufacturing company performs quality audit regularly. Every six months he walks into the factory and reviews the company’s quality management plan, cost of quality, and quality design to make sure that these processes are up to date, being used correctly, and still valid.


Scope of Quality Audits for Projects

#1 Quality Management Policy

This may be evaluated to determine how well management uses quality data and how well others in the organization understand how the data is being used. The evaluation may include an analysis of management policies for the collection, analysis, and use of data in decision-making or strategic planning. 


#2 Collection and use of information

This may be evaluated to determine how well the project team is collecting, distributing, and using quality data. Items for analysis in this category may include consistency of data collection process, speed of information distribution, and use of quality data in decision making.


#3 Analysis methods

This may be evaluated to determine if the best analytical methods are being used consistently and how well their results are being used. Items for audit may include how analysis topics and analysis methods are selected, what technology is used, and how results are fed back to others in the process. 


#4 Cost of Quality

This may be evaluated to determine the most effective proportion between prevention, inspection, and costs of repair or rework. 


#4 Quality Process Design

This may be evaluated to determine how process design, process analysis, and statistical process control should be used to establish and improve the capability of a process. 


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