How to perform Keyword density Analysis for SEO

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This article talks about how you can perform keyword density analysis for SEO….




One thing has been very clear over the years, you cannot get the right result from search engines if you are not aware of how to frame you questions using the right keyword phrases. The same thing applies to Content writers. You must not stuff your content with too many keyword. That is why you need to know how to perform keyword density analysis for SEO of your website.


In many of my previous article, I have talked about some of the steps that you need to take in order to boost your website for Search Engine Optimization. Without keyword analysis and inclusion, it will be very difficult for your target audience to locate you. In this article. I want to look at how you can perform keyword analysis for SEO.

Let us look at how this can be done in this article.

Keyword density refers to the percent of focused keyword that a post has compared to the overall page. In order for a post to be optimized for SEO, there is a particular percentage of that keyword that must appear in the overall article.

keyword density analysis

When search engine wants to determine whether a particular content is relevant, it will look at the percentage of the keyword that is available in that particular article. I  will gladly show you how you can perform keyword density analysis for your content.

Keyword density formula for a page is:


Where ‘Nkr’ is the time that a particular keyword appeared in a particular article and ‘Tkn’ is the total number of words that a particular page has.

Keyword density in keyword analysis

Keyword density is expected not be less that 5% and not more than 10% of the entire article.

SEO Experts and Keyword density analysis

SEO experts do use keyword density tools to calculate keyword density on a particular page. If you are using Yoast SEO tool for example. Keyword density for any page is been calculated automatically.
You should also note that when your keyword density analysis for a page is more than optimum, that will be counted as spamming search engine. This can make you to lose relevancy in search engines.


Keyword remains one of the tools that can help Search Engines and Human readers to understand what your content is all about. In using keywords in your contents, you have to be very careful so that you are not overusing it. This can amount to spamming search engines. This has grievous consequences.

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