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How to Transfer Files in a Peer to Peer Network

Transferring file in a peer to peer network environment is something that happens every day. If you are in an office environment or in a place where you have two or more computers, you cannot do without it.

The question you might want to ask is. How do you now transfer files when you are using the Windows 7 Operating system? That is what I want to show you in this article.


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There is something that you need to note when you need to transfer or receive files from other devices, you have to scan the file for viruses. There is a high tendency for the USB drive or other drives that you are using to contain viruses. You must scan the medium before you access it. It is very important to do this in order to safeguard your PC.

There are times that you make use of File Transfer Protocol or web pages to transfer files from one person to another. When you are using this medium, you have to make sure that you use a valid username and password for this kind of transfer.



What then is a Peer to Peer network?

Peer to Peer network also known as P2P network is network applications or arrangement where PCs are configured such that all members of the network can access each other’s hard drive and folders by default. I have said it in my previous article that this method is been used so that we can maximize the resources that we have. There will be no need for duplicating resources on different systems. The bottom line is that we have to make sure that it is the right person that is accessing those data and files at any given time.


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