Understanding Paid Social Media In Digital Marketing

Understanding Paid Social Media In Digital Marketing


With organic social media marketing done, let’s move onto paid! When discussing paid social media marketing, each platform must be approached differently. Now let’s walk through the paid advertising offerings of each major social platform, as well as the analytics capabilities available to effectively report on your ad performance.


Upon completion of this section, you will be able to apply social media concepts and best practices to paid marketing activities on key platforms to run successful campaigns that yield ROI and meet business objectives.


First, we’ll discuss general campaign concepts, starting with how to build a social marketing campaign and the best practices for campaign development. Then we’ll walk through the different types of campaign objectives and how to align your business goals with the appropriate campaign objectives and KPIs. Lastly, we’ll discuss the different types of campaign metrics and some of the 3rd party tools available to measure and analyze your campaign.


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Let’s start with the fundamental steps necessary for building a social marketing campaign.


#1 First, you must set social media goals which align with your company’s goals – we’ll talk through how to map your business objectives with social media goals shortly.


#2 After you these set these goals, you need to break them down into specific tactics. To do that, you should consider the objectives and their corresponding KPIs.


#3 Once you outline the tactics for paid social media, you should take time to prioritize your plan – align with your team what goal is likely to be the most impactful and make that the priority of your campaign.


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#4 Set timing estimates and assign tasks to your team to kickstart your paid social media– it’s important to get your team invested in the goals and make them accountable for the success of the campaign by assigning tasks.


#5 Once the campaign is underway, be sure to analyze and adapt the plan as you go – part of the beauty of social media is that it provides results much quicker than traditional marketing tactics like TV or print advertising. Be sure to take advantage of the real-time nature of social media by reviewing campaign performance regularly and optimizing based on the metrics.



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