How It Ended 11

This is almost around after 1am in the midnight , as they were chasing , none of them is shooting which I was expecting a gunshot from my back , I was even expecting noise but none of them is shouting , they just kept running after me . I was gasping so serious that […]

How It Ended 10

It was these watch men ,the street securities , they catch me and arrested me . They ask me to carry the dead body and let’s move to the police station near to the area . Ha Jesu … I forgot The other police man waiting for me at the studio and I was crying […]

How It Ended 9

I was thinking two things . Maybe I should dispose lanre body and run away but my parent still stays where my friends knows and I DoNT want situation that will lead my parents into prison or trouble . I summoned the courage and took Lanre’s body out in the midnight and find a small […]

How It Ended 8

It remained I and just the police man in the studio telling me to wait till night to find a way to dispose the dead body .. haaa , this is too risky for me I cried out tears that day , in just one day , I felt pain, sorrow , agony , I […]

How It Ended 7

After about 5minutes , a single police man among them came back and told us he deliberately covered us , he saw the dead body but decided to help us . Now he said we should look for a way to dispose the deceased and after disposing it , we will have to pay a […]

How It Ended 6

One of the police raised the table up and at the moment , I lost my stamina . As they raised the table , they checked and they told us they could not find anything there . Wow 😲 . Our eyes were so wide and we keep wondering what just happened . My stamina […]

How It Ended 5

In just 5minutes I understand the other side of happiness . I feel sorrow , fear , pain , agony and hell in just a day . Now after friends left , it remained I and the police officer , he said I should wait till night and find a way to dispose it myself […]

How It Ended 4

Out of fear , one of friend burst into tears and wanted to confess , we all look at his face and got us really scared that we were sweating bitterly. What if this police people know about this Lanre’a death . That means am gonna die in prison . I was thinking many things […]

How It Ended 3

As the police people entered , we tried hiding Lanre’s body under the studio table and no external person could know someone is under the table . Police beINg around got us so scared that we were shaking in our voice . Police came to the studio do some research about guys that smoke in […]

How It Ended 2

How it ended 2 Everywhere got silent instantly and I started sweating , we were like 5 boys ,in fact my birthday coming up turned something I forgot instantly . We don’t know what to do , we tried waking Lanre up but Lanre is gone . I wanted to call my mum and ask […]

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