3 Main Social Networking Threats to Minors

3 Main Social Networking Threats to Minors


There are many dangers when we allow our children to have access to social networking sites. There are many of us that allow our children to have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts . Some of us did all these things because we felt that we want them to start early but we are making a big mistake.


It is becoming very difficult the stay pure online this days. it is advisable that we save our children and prevent them from being corrupted by atrocities going on, on the internet.


Here are some of the social networking threats to minors that you need to know.

Social Networking sites for minors#1 Objectionable content

On many social networking sites, users post material that is not appropriate for children such as nude images and pornographics.


This objectionable contents can include obscene, racist or violent text and images which àre capable of corrupting the minds of children.


#2 Overexposure

Many community pages may contain material that is not appropriate for the children.


The child may be involved in posting pictures of himself or her friends that may be missed by hackers on the internet.


#3 Contact with predators

Also, individual with intention to exploit minors may create community pages pretending to be teens themselves.


This can lead to a situation where children are giving more than enough information on social media sites. This can be used by hackers to perpetrate evil.