Mobile network on the Moon?

Finnish company Nokia has been selected by NASA to build the first mobile network on the Moon, the company announced on Monday. The lunar network will be part of the US space agency’s efforts to bring humans back to the Moon in 2024 and build long-term settlements there based on its Artemis program. Nokia said the first space-wide wireless communication system would be built on the lunar surface by the... Read more

WhatsApp introduces innovation, here is the option for self-deleting messages

From next month, the messages you sent on WhatsApp will be deleted by yourself, 7 days after sending in a certain “chat”. Facebook-owned messaging service said that this new for the app comes to make the conversation “more private”. Thus, WhatsApp will be a bit more like Snapchat, the platform from which Facebook has been inspired in the past, including the introduction of “Instagram Stories”. The company confirmed that the... Read more

12 WhatsApp Services You May Not Know

1. Change the text format There is not much freedom for the text format in the app but you can still thicken it by putting it between the stars (* example *), make it slanting through the lines below (_example_) and put a line in the middle with this symbol ” ~ “. 2. Delete them automatically This option has not yet reached everyone but soon by activating it in... Read more

Snapchat gives $ 1 million a day for the most watched videos

The Snapchat messaging app is offering a whopping $ 1 million to its users every day as it tries to compete with TikTok in viral video. Its new Spotlight feature will use an algorithm to recommend the “most attractive” posts to view, based on what a user is interested in. Snapchat says the feature will include people with “private, personal accounts” as well as its biggest stars. The $ 1... Read more

Some real examples: Here’s how to make money from Youtube and how much is the revenue based on viewership

There are still many skeptics in the world who do not believe that it is possible to make money online. In reality, there are numerous success stories for people who have tried their luck online. YouTube is just one of the many ways you can become not only famous but also lucky if you are an Internet millionaire. Google pays 68% of their AdSense revenue, so for every $ 100... Read more

5 philosophies for success

Many of us already know Steve Jobs, the man who transformed modern technology and improvements are still being made based on his model. Although Steve Jobs has been a man who dominated more and seldom backed down, he never forgot these 5 philosophies about success which accompanied him to the end. Ideas without deeds are not ideas, they are repentance. So said Steve Jobs at a conference where the Macintosh... Read more

4 technological changes that can boost productivity in your venture

For many entrepreneurs, technology is salvation. Devices enable important communications. Scheduling programs help organize busy lives. Data infrastructures make it possible to collect, secure, analyze and transmit information as it happens in real time. Employee management is much easier with project management software. Simple changes to the technologies you use can optimize your company’s performance. Here you are. Update your technology If your equipment is slow and breaks down often,... Read more

3 lessons from entrepreneurs that anyone can use to grow their business

Entrepreneurs turn ideas into reality, creating jobs and boosting economies. They are professional problem solvers. By following their example, all leaders can create new opportunities for success. “If you are going to build a ship, do not call men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders, but learn how to long for the wide and endless sea.” These words of Antoine De Saint Exupery, emphasize what differentiates entrepreneurs.... Read more

3 types of technology that every entrepreneur should use

To say we live in a digital age may sound like a cliché, but there is no doubt that the internet and social networks have revolutionized the way we interact. This dependence on digital tools has also spread to the business world. The pandemic has boosted online sales, and many companies are relying on SaaS and PaaS tools to keep business operations running as usual. For entrepreneurs, this reliance on... Read more

“Scary” similarities in the way the brain and computers process images

The brain detects 3D-shaped fragments (bumps, holes, axes, spheres) in the early stages of object vision – a newly discovered natural intelligence strategy that Johns Hopkins University researchers also found in artificial intelligence networks trained to recognize objects visual. A new study details how neurons in the V4 zone, the first stage-specific way of looking at the brain object, visualize 3D-shaped fragments, not just the 2D shapes used to study... Read more

Being kind to others is good for the brain, says Stanford study

Being nice to other people can make you and them feel better. And that is not all. Research shows that when you try to feel empathy for others and treat them with patience and kindness, it triggers a physiological response that can reduce the harmful stress hormone, cortisol. Too much cortisol, which means a lot of stress, can damage your memory and interfere with brain function, so anything that lowers... Read more

The best technological offers for Black Friday (Online)

Black Friday weekend begins the shopping season and as usual there are many offers to be made in the tech industry, computer hardware and technology in general. Every year we like to advise you to buy only the thing you need or that you wanted to buy even without offer. We have made a real price list of only the best technology offers we could find. This means less volume,... Read more

These are the countries with the cheapest and most expensive internet in the world

In most countries today, internet access is an essential asset, in the same category as water and electricity. But this service does not cost the same everywhere, and in some developing countries where profits are low, it is hundreds of times more expensive than the average monthly salary. NetCredit, a Chicago-based online lender, used World Bank data to come up with the average monthly salary in any country in the... Read more

The biggest technology failures in 2020

If there is one thing this year has taught us, it is that we are more divisive than ever. Whether we’re talking Android versus iOS, Republicans versus Democrats, or closing versus opening up the economy, we apparently can’t agree on anything. Well, except for one thing: 2020 has been a terrible year. This is an annual summary of the biggest technology failures CNET has prepared to make us feel better... Read more

6 strategies that prove you have what it takes to lead in a crisis

The pandemic has challenged leaders in completely new ways. For many toys, growth rate and unpredictability make this a crisis different from any other. Leadership practices that may have been successful in the past will not necessarily work now, especially given how many employees have moved to remote work. Instead of sticking to a pre-determined crisis response plan, leaders need to develop new behaviors, values, and mindsets that will help... Read more

3 Trends that will shape the e-commerce industry in the coming years

As technology continues to make e-commerce more accessible and popular than ever, a major concern continues: People lack the human connection and quality service that physical sales provide. To combat this, companies are spending millions on service upgrades to make e-commerce more user-friendly and service-driven. The three main trends are: Chatbots and A.I. are there for the consumer While it may sound counterintuitive to say that people will feel more... Read more

The best way to measure success

If we do a quick Google search for the word “success”, we come across a large number of objective and subjective definitions, many of which are contradictory to each other. For example, one of the first definitions on the list is, “Achieving fame or financial gain.” You can be very famous and have no profits at all, and of course you can make money but not be very famous. The... Read more

5 “secrets” of children who rarely get sick

You probably know a child who rarely gets sick. Do his parents do something you do not? Maybe not, but according to experts if you adopt these five healthy habits, your child will stay away from the cold. Clean hands Regular hand washing dramatically reduces diseases of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract. So make sure your kids wash their hands often (or use a hand sanitizer) when they leave the... Read more

Reasons why with age sleep difficulties begin

There are people who believe that the elderly are satisfied with a few hours of sleep. In fact, this is simply an urban legend. All adults need at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep. What happens with age is that it is more difficult for a person to sleep properly. But that does not mean that sleep needs change. One of the challenges of healthy aging is ensuring enough... Read more

Facebook, measures against false information

The company Facebook said on Tuesday that during the second quarter of the year it deleted 7 million accounts because they spread false information about the coronavirus, including exaggerated cures and false ways to protect against it. Facebook made the announcement as part of a standards report submitted by the company in 2018, in response to criticism that it had been shown to be lenient in terms of controlling the... Read more

Are you passionate about technology? Apply to the newest initiative where you can create and win

The Municipality of Tirana has launched the newest initiative and of course its focus is on young people. All persons up to the age of 25 who are passionate about technology can apply by submitting their project to build a mobile application. How can you win this competition? Just create an application for Tirana and apply because you have a deadline until September 20, 2020. Winners will have the opportunity... Read more

The new record for internet speed is set

The Internet has transformed people’s lives in an extraordinary way in recent decades. Technology continues to improve day by day and researchers have set a new record for internet speed. They managed to set a speed of 178 terrabits per second when sending some information. The previous record was 5 times slower. There were some scientists in Japan who made the extraordinary achievement. With the new speed can be downloaded... Read more

The Twitter account of the Government of Hungary is closed

The official website of the Hungarian government on Twiiter has been blocked without any warning. The news was announced by the government spokesman, Zoltan Kovacs through a post on his profile on the social network Twitter. “We have taken the necessary steps and are awaiting an official explanation from Twitter,” Kovacs wrote. Kovacs called the suspension an act of censorship against the government of nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban, saying... Read more

4 Unexpected Ways to Achieve Natural Business Growth

Ambitious entrepreneurs are often told that the key to success is innovative ideas. Find a hole in the market, any need that is not being met, and use technology to meet that need. Follow this formula, work hard, and you will be the successful founder of the new “unicorn”. Sounds very simple. But getting involved in an industry is war, and always will be. Modern entrepreneurs have limited resources, many... Read more

3 lessons that startups can learn from billionaires

Although you may have read hundreds of articles that show you how to follow the work habits of billionaires to achieve financial success for your business, these articles describe only a very small part of the picture. Like most startup founders, these individuals are not only interested in the present, but are also focused on the future, anticipating what will happen. Because of this, many billionaires focus on leaving a... Read more

Here’s how this entrepreneur built a million-dollar business focusing on these 3 strategies

Brandon Poulin is the CEO and co-founder of LadyBoss, a company focused on helping women lose weight. Poulin started as an entrepreneur in the field of marketing, but after several ups and downs, she discovered that she had difficulty covering basic expenses. He and his wife, Kaelin Pulin, invested the last $ 1,000 they had in their savings account and launched LadyBoss. After just a few years, their business began... Read more

Scared Of Life ? Read This

The point you should ask yourself is “why am I scared of life” ? . Lot of people are scared of life , what life will bring , they don’t know . You can actually Understand the fact that life isn’t what you are thinking but how God created it . What to do not to be scared of life 1. Don’t think of it 2. Forget your past 3.... Read more

Doubting the future ? Read this

Reasons you are doubting the future is due to many things like your environment , people around you , things you do and your standard of living. This thing alone can make someone doubt his/her future but there are ways and things you need to do not to doubt your future and make your future a certain things . 1. Believe in yourself 2. Have a strong faith 3. Work... Read more