How To Implement Transition Training For Projects

How To Implement Transition Training For Projects


Training is an activity in which team members acquire new or enhanced skills, knowledge , or attitude .Training may be provided to teams , small groups , or individuals and can cover Managment , technical , or administrative topics. In this article , I want to talk about how to carry out transition training for projects.


It can range from a multi day,  formal workshop in a classroom to a five-minute, information on-the-job training demonstration at the employee’s desk.


It may be formulated to provide generic skills or customized to provide a specific skill set that is unique to the project. Training should be made available team members as soon as the need become apparent .

Transition training

Typical example…

Mark is the Programmer assigned to the company website project. Recently , Mark was informed that he will have to create the entire site using a website development software program which he was unfamiliar with because the entire organisations was using the program and maintainance will be easier if the tool was standardized.


Because Mark was the only Programmer available to work on the project, Carlie , the project manager , arranged Mark to take a training course to learn the technical program . Not only will Mark’s training help the project acheive it’s objectives and abide by organizational policy but it will also enhance Mark’s skills and help position him to advance within the organization .