Analysing Facebook Privacy Settings for Users

Analysing Facebook Privacy Settings for Users


Facebook is arguably the largest social media sites with over two billion users and counting. Many have found it as a means of connecting with old friends. Despite the allegation that Facebook compromised the privacy of users on their database, many continue to join the social media platform in leaps and bounds. That is why I need to talk about Facebook Privacy Settings today.

Facebook privacy settingsApart from posting and liking contents posted by friends and relatives on Facebooks . There are some other privacy measures that you need to take in order to control what shows on your timeline as well as who can see what you have posted on your timeline. I also need to tell some of those things that you can set privacy for:

  • Facebook privacy settingsSearch
  • Friend requests
  • Messages
  • Friends list
  • Education and work
  • Current city and hometown
  • Likes, activities and other connections.


The Profile settings…


You need to set the profile settings as “only my friends” by default. Facebook allows all of your networks and all of your friends to be able to view your profile.


The users reveal personal information to potential identity theives if they leave this option to default settings.


Therefore, it is advised to allow your profile to be viewed by only friends.