How to use Page Tagging for web visitors’ data collection

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This article shows the proper use of Page Tagging in web analytics….




There are many way that you can generate data about your website visitors. In this article, I want to show you one of them which is Page Tagging. Others are cookies and log file which I am going to talk about in my subsequent article. Let’s jump into this article together.

Page tagging also known as Web Beacon is a method whereby each web page in the website is inserted with small piece of Java code that record the user’s activity on an external server.

This is how it works…

  • The user browse a particular webpage requesting for certain information from that particular website.


  • The web server responded by sending the requested files to the requester. The page is now displayed to the requester.
  • When the page is to be displayed, the information also goes to the Application Service Provider which now attached an image to the request that is going to the server.


  • The Javascript attached also executed as information of the person requesting for the service is also collected.

page tagging

  • The information is sent back to the web server which is now been transferred back to the requesting server at the user end. This help the server to know whether the user is a new user or a returning user to the website.


  • When all the proper record has been made on the application server, it is sent to the report database and the user gets its own required information too.

The bottom line is that a Java code is been attached to every request from outside server which allows the application server to capture all customers information from those visiting the website.

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