Overview Of The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Overview Of The Digital Millennium Copyright Act


The Digital Millennium Copyright Act was a bill signed into law by former President Bill Clinton.

According to this law, any infringement of copyright properties will be counted as a criminal offence. That means you have to get the appropriate approval before you use any intellectual property.


The European Union Copyright Directive (EUCD) addresses some of the same copyright infringement issues in as this very Act.
Here are some highlights of this noble Act…

Overview Of The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

  • Circumventing any anti-piracy measure built into any commercial software is a crime.
  • The Act also bans the production and distribution of codes cracking tool to illegally copy software.
  • The Act also permits the cracking of copyright protected software to perform encryption research and test some computer security systems.
  • Non-profit organisations and educational institutions are exempted from this Act under certain circumstances. 
  • ISP are exempted for simply transmitting information over the internet.
  • ISPs are, however, required to remove the copyright-infringing materials from users website.
  • Webcasters are required to pay a licencing fee to the recording companies.

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