9 Outputs Of Plan Schedule Management

9 Outputs Of Plan Schedule Management


In my previous article, I have talked about some of the inputs of plan project management for a project. I have also talked about some of the tools and techniques that you can use when you need to plan your project schedule. In this article, I want to look at some of the outputs of plan schedule management in an organisation. Let see how that can be done in this article. 


The schedule management plan is a component of the project management plan that establishes the criteria and the activities for developing, monitoring and controlling the schedule. The schedule management plan may be formal or informal, highly detailed, or broadly framed based on the needs of the project, and includes appropriate control thresholds.

outputs of plan schedule management

#1 Project schedule model development

one of the major components of the plan schedule management has to do with the schedule model development. It has to highlight the scheduling methodology and the scheduling tool that will be used in the development of the project schedule model. It will assist the project manager in deciding the method that will be used in handling the project. 


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#2 Release and iteration length

When using an adaptive life cycle, the time-boxed periods for releases, waves and iterations are specified. Time-boxed periods are durations during which the team works steadily towards completion of a goal. Time-boxing helps to minimize scope creep as it forces the teams to process essential features first, than other features when time permits. 


#3 Level of accuracy

When you are also determining the duration for projects, you have to determine the level of accuracy for the durations that people have come up with. The level of accuracy for the project specifies the acceptable range used in determining realistic activity duration estimates and may include an amount for contingencies. 


#4 Unit of measure

Also, you have to consider the units of measure for a project. Each unit of measurement such as staff hours, staff days, or weeks for time measures, or metres, litres, tons, kilometres or cubic yards for quantity measures is defined for each of the resources of the project. You have to determine how many resources you actually need to to achieve your project objectives.


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#5 Organisational procedure links

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) provides the framework for the schedule management plan, allowing for consistency with the estimates and resulting schedules. The organisation procedure links provide documents that provide information that all the project manager has to consider before they can make decisions about the duration of the project. 


#6  Project schedule model maintenance

The process used to update the status and record progress of the project in the schedule model during the execution of the project is defined. This has to do with how you update your project document so that they can reflect the realities of what is happening with the project. This has to do with the involvement of all stakeholders that are involved with your project. 


#7 Control Thresholds

Variance thresholds for monitoring schedule performance may be specified to -indicate an agreed-upon amount of variation to be allowed before some action needs to be taken. Thresholds are typically expressed as percentage deviations from the parameters established in the baseline plan.


#8 Rule of performance measurement 

Earned Value Management rules or other physical measurement rules of performance measurement are set. For example, the schedule management plan may specify rules for establishing percentage complete, the EVM techniques such as baselines,fixed-formula, percentage complete among others to be employed among others. Schedule performance measurements such as schedule variance and schedule performance index used to access the magnitude of variation to the original schedule baseline. 


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#9 Reporting formats

The schedule management plan also has to also decide on the reporting format that will be used to update stakeholders on the progress of the project. This will ensure that reports are presented in such a way that stakeholders will understand what is happening as far as the project is concerned. This will ensure that stakeholders are updated based on the communication plan already established for the project. 



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