5 Major Outputs Of Control Project Schedule

5 Major Outputs Of Control Project Schedule


In my previous article, I have looked at some of the inputs and tools and techniques for control project schedule for projects. In this article, I want to look at some of the outputs for control project schedule for projects. Follow me as we look at some of these outputs together in this article.

outputs of control project schedule

Here are the outputs…


#1 Work Performance Information

Work Performance includes information includes on how the project work is performance compared to the schedule baseline. Variances in the start and finish dates and the duration can be calculated at the work package level and control account level. For a project using earned value analysis, the SV and SPI are documented for inclusion in the work performance report. 


#2 Schedule Forecast

Schedule forecasts are forecasts of estimates or predictions of conditions and events in the project’s future based on information and knowledge available at the time of the forecast. Forecasts are updated based on work performance information provided as the project is executed. 


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The information is based on the project’s past experience and expected future performance based on corrective or preventive actions. This can include earned value performance indicators, as well as schedule reserve information that could impact the project in the future. 


#3 Change requests

Schedule variance analysis, as well as a review of progress reports, results of performance measures, and modifications to the project scope or project schedule, may result in change requests to the schedule baseline, scope baseline and or other components of the project management plan.


Change requests are processed to review and disposition through the Perform Integrated Change Control Process. Preventive actions may include recommended changes to eliminate or reduce the probability of negative schedule variances.


#4 Project Management Plan Updates

Any change to the project management plan goes through the organisation’s change control process via a change request. Components that may require for the project management plan include : 


Schedule Management Plan: The schedule management plan may be updated to reflect a change in the way the schedule is managed for the project. 


Schedule baseline: Changes to the schedule are incorporated in response to approved change requests related to change in project scope, resources, or activity duration estimates. The schedule may be updated to reflect changes caused by schedule compression techniques or performance issues. 


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Cost baseline: Changes to the cost milestone are incorporated in response to approved changes in scope, resources, or cost estimates. 


Performance management baseline: Changes to the performance measurement baseline are incorporated in response to approved changes in scope, schedule performance, or cost estimates. In some cases, the performance variances can be so severe that a change request is put forth to revise the performance measurement baseline to provide a realistic basis for performance measurement. 


#5 Project Document Updates

Project documents that may be updated as a result of carrying out a control schedule include: 


Assumption log: Schedule performance may indicate the need to revise the way duration estimates were developed for the project. 


Basis of estimates: Schedule performance may indicate the need to revise the way duration estimates were developed for the project. 


Lesson learned register: The lesson learned register can be updated with techniques that were effective in maintaining the schedule, causes of variances, and corrective actions that were used to respond to schedule variances. 


Project Schedule: An updated project schedule will be generated from the schedule model populated with updated schedule data to reflect the schedule changes and manage the project.


Resource calendars : Resource calendars are updated to reflect changes to the utilization of resource calendars that were the result of optimizing resources , schedule compression , and corrective or preventive actions. 


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Risk register: The risk register and risk responses plans within it, may be updated based on the risks that may arise due to schedule compression techniques. 


Schedule data: New project schedule network diagrams may be developed to display approved remaining durations and approved modifications to the schedule . In some cases , project schedule delays can be so severe that a new target schedule with forecasted start and finished dates is needed to provide realistic data for directing the work , measure performance and measuring progress. 



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