Comparison Between Inbound And Outbound Marketing Strategy

Outbound marketing strategy

Comparison Between Inbound And Outbound Marketing Strategy


In many of my previous articles , I have take time to look at the clear differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing in any organisation. In this article, I want to take time to look at some of the similarities between inbound and outbound marketing strategy in any organisation. Let us look at that together in this article.

Outbound marketing strategy

Outbound Marketing

This type of marketing gives little room for one on one interaction or targeting . It is more of a one way communication model where the marketer is dealing with a very passive audience. The targeting is very broad and it does not give room for correct targeting of audience.


In this kind of targeting also, there is no room for personalization of messages as all target audience are reached with the same type of messages. This might likely affect the conversion rates of the audiences.


In this case also, the messages are sent out to the audience but most at times, the messages and the context at which is was sent out might not relate to what the audience is going through. Most; organisations just craft the message based on the research that they have previously undertaken. If it happens that situations have changed, such messages might not resonate with the audience.


For this reason also, it is harder to track the success of the campaign. The system seems to be too expensive as well compared to traditional marketing. It is not so flexible and it involves a large amount of money.


It is not only traditional mode of marketing that make use; f outbound marketing. Online marketing also Mae use of outbound strategy where banners are displayed on website for as many viewers as.possible to see it. At times , this banners might not resonate with the audience.


Here are some statistics to back up this fact.

  • 44percent of direct mails are never opened. This amounts to waste , paper ,time and resources.
  • 86percwnt of people slipped through TV commercials.
  • 84percent of people between ages 25to 34 have had to leave a website because of intrusive ads.


Inbound Strategy

Inbound strategy aims at attracting the right audience to your content and your offers. This strategy relied heavily on the use use of digital strategy to attract the right type of audience.


It also make use of cookies, SEO, blog updates , content creation among others to target the right type of audience . It also relied on comprehensive audience research that has been carried out before the launch of the campaign to target the right type of audience.


Take for example when a user is going through a website, there is a cookie that is attached to his browser. This cookie have the capability of discovering his activities . It will also help on serving the right type of content when the user eventually becomes a subscriber. This also allows the marketer to show ads that resonate with the user based on the country or region that the user is coming from.


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