3 Other Stakeholders in ITIL 4 Value Chain

In my previous articles, I have tried to throw more light on some of the stakeholders that are involved in value co-creation in any organisation. In this article, I want to look at three more stakeholders that are involved in co-creation of values for customers. Follow me as we look at this together in this article.


#1 Shareholders

These are the category of people that have an investment in your company. They have invested their money and they want to reap the reward of their investment. When you are coming up with policies and programs that will affect your customers, you need to consider the interest of your shareholders. At times, you need to seek their opinion before major decisions are taken.


#2 Employees

One of the underrated stakeholders in the value chain is employees. Any organisation that feels that the opinion of employees is not necessary is seriously digging its own grave. It is very clear that customers loyalty is employees loyalty. Apart from getting feedback from your customers, you also need to listen to what your employees have to say. Some of them are even closer to customers than management staffs.


#3 Community

Another vital stakeholder that you need to consider is your community. When I mean your community, I am referring to your online community or what you will refer to as your followers. I said it jokingly one day that the best way to get a response from your service providers. Organisations need to pay attention to their online community. They are the best source of getting feedback on what customers are actually looking for. You need to carry them along in your product development effort. All effort must be geared towards making your online followers unpaid advertisers of your products and services.


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