Factors that can lead to CRM frustration

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This article talks about two main reasons why customer-centric enterprise is not getting the best out of CRM…


There are many scholars that tried to define customer relationship management, I will try and bring back two of those definitions in order to refresh our memory on what customer relationship management is.
If you need to refresh your memory on what customer relationship management is, you can search from the past article I have written on the subject matter.


Robert Thompson of Customer thinks to define Customer Relationship Management as a business strategy to select and manage customers in order to optimize long-term relationship.
best out of CRM
He said Customer relationship management requires a customer-centric business philosophy and culture to support effective marketing, sales and service processes.
Customer Relationship Management can enable effective CRM, provided an enterprise has the right leadership, strategy and culture.


Brent Frei of Onyx Software-defined Customer Relationship as a comprehensive set of processes and technologies for managing relationships with potential and current customers and business partners across marketing, sales and customer services, regardless of the communication channel.
Having defined Customer Relationship Management and the full benefits thereof, the question that came to my mind is, why is it that many organizations that are customer centred or seem to be are not getting the full benefits of it.
That is what I want to quickly talk about in this article.

wrong strategy

Many of the so-called customer-centric enterprises put aspiration before customer strategy when some of them are planning their customer relationship management endeavour, they failed to be realistic within themselves in terms of what they really have to do in order to achieve their customer-centric objectives.
That is why some of them ended up acquiring tools and technologies that will never help them to do business from the customers’ perspective.


alignment failure
This is another factor that is militating against the success of a customer-centric enterprise. They failed in their change management process. The idea of change is what everybody wants but not everybody can do all the sacrifice that change requires.
Most of the times, product-centric enterprise moving to customer-centric enterprise always find it difficult to forsake their old ways completely and this does affect customer-centric enterprise in no small measure.

Action Point

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