Revealed: 5 Facts About Organisational Strategy

Revealed: 5 Facts About Organisational Strategy

Introduction to Organisational Strategy and Governance


In any organisational strategy are always a group of people that oversee how things are been done in such an organisation. They are the ones that provide blueprints for such a project and help the Project Manager to attain success as far as that project is concerned. They are being referred to as Project governance team. Such people will also determine the power that the project manager has in a project. I want to look at their powers in this article.

Revealed: 5 Facts About Organisational Strategy and Governance

It is the duty of the governance team to provide strategic direction for any project. They are the one that will decide on the best method of achieving the strategic objective of the project.

By and large, The organisational strategic direction also provides directions for project management objectives. It is their duty to ensure that the right methodologies are adopted in order to achieve the stated goals of the project.

One thing is that Project goals must be aligned with the vision and mission statement of the organisation. It is also important that any project that does not align with the mission and vision statement of the organisation should not be approved.


Oversight functions as part organisational strategy and governance

The project governance team also provide oversight functions. They are expected to check every of the deliverable of the project and give approval before the project can move to the next phase. They have to check this so as to be sure that the project satisfies every requirement before it can move to the next phase.

The governance team also provides a decision-making model and structures that can be followed by every of the governance team. They are the ones that will specify conditions that must be met before any aspect of the project requirement can be changed.

Furthermore, The Project governance board provides critical support for a project. it is safe to say that without them, the job of the Project Manager will become very difficult. They are expected to assist the Project Manager in achieving project objectives.

Above all, you should know that in most organisations, the roles of the Project Governance team can be provided by the Project Management Office . They are able to provide tools and templates that the Project Manager needs in order to succeed.


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