Organisational Process Assets As A Tool For Project Success

Here are the ways that organisational process assets can contribute to project success…

In my previous article, I have talked about organisational process assets. I defined it as all assets or tools that you have at your disposal that can you can now use in order to achieve success in your project. In this article, I want to look at the two classifications of Organizational Process Assets in any organization. Follow me as we look at this together.

Organisational Process Assets As A Tool For Project Success
.When we are talking about processes and procedures in Organisational process assets,  we are talking about steps that you need to follow in order to get things done in the organization. I will be looking at some of these processes and procedures in order to throw more light on this.


The first part of the processes and procedures are policies, products and project life cycle as well as procedures that are followed in order to ensure that products and projects meet the quality specification of the organization.


Other aspects are standard guidelines, proposal evaluation criteria, work instructions, and performance measurement criteria among others.
We also have templates such as work breakdown structure, project definition and business case forms, the project schedule, milestone report as well as contract templates.


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We also have tailored guidelines and criteria for organizational processes that will satisfy project needs. This processes and procedures are set in order to meet some of the needs of the organization. This can also be applied to the project scenario as well.

In talking about organisational process assets, we can also have organizational communication requirements as well as procedures that have been set for bringing projects to an end. This will help the Project Manager to know how to communicate with stakeholders as well as what is required in order to bring a project to a close.


corporate knowledge base
Organisational process assets can also have to do with the repository that the organization was established in order to store or retrieve the stored information. Follow me as we look at some of this storage mechanism together.


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One of the tools of Organisational Process Assets is One of the corporate knowledge bases of the organisation. This has to do with the process measurement database that helps the organization to measure processes and products. They are able to access how far they have gone and come up with correction measures in order to correct any anomaly discovered along the line.


We also have project files such as scope, cost, schedule and quality bases, project calendars as well as a risk register. This helps the organization to know the minimum expectation when preparing any of this document for any project.


We also have documents that show lessons learned from past projects that have been executed by the organization. It will prevent the organization from repeating the mistakes of the past, thereby saving money and time.


We also have a financial database that shows a record of what is been sent on projects in the past. This can help us to estimate cost if such a project needs to be repeated again. It can also help us to analyze if our projects are always over or under budget.


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