2 Major Elements of Organisational Governance Framework

2 Major Elements of Organisational Governance Framework


Organizational Governance Framework is one of the factors that will determine the powers that a project manager has when it comes to a project.

According to recent research carried out by PMI, it was revealed that governance refers to organizational or structural arrangements at all levels of an organization designed to determine and influence the behaviour of the organisation.  


organisational governance framework

The research also suggests that the issue of governance framework in any organization is multi-dimensional and it can be influenced by two things:



One of the major elements of the organizational governance framework is that it was a consideration for people, roles, structure, and policies. That means informing some of the frameworks that will guide a project, the Project Steering Committee needs to consider the overall culture of the organization as well as how this culture influences the organization. They also need to consider how powers are being shared in such an organization. This will determine who gets what in the whole arrangement.


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Another major element of organizational governance framework is that it requires data in order to provide direction and oversight. At every point in time, the governance team needs to receive feedback about decisions that have been taken. This will allow them to make modifications to the Project. It will allow them to formulate policies that will aid the successful implementation of the project.


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