A closer look at Opportunity management in CRM

Here is what you need to know about Opportunity Management…


Opportunity management is another aspect of Salesforce automation. An opportunity is an individual that the Marketing team has worked upon and he or she is willing to buy the organisation’s product or services anytime soon. Opportunity span across the entire organisation. In any organisation, there is a need for employees to assess information about customers as well as prospects that exist in the organisation. We may also need their financial information so as to know which of our customers are profitable and which ones are not.

opportunity management
When we talk of opportunity at this level, we are to referring to those categories of the individual that have all the characteristics that we are looking for in our ideal customer. These categories of customers have already indicated interest in our products or services. Some also have not indicated interest but with a little push, they are likely to have a second thought.

Some of the points associated with an opportunity are their financial details. We would like to know their financial status. This will be a pointer to whether they are able to afford our products or services or not. We also want to know their decision dates so as to effectively monitor them. We also need to take note of the date we proposed to them and the probability of them becoming our customer.

The objective of the organisation at the opportunity level is to close the deal as soon as possible. We want to ensure that non of our customers hijacked those valuable customers from us.

The purpose of the organisation at the opportunity level is to collect as many information that we need about the prospect or customer and use that information to close the deal as soon as possible.

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