5 Outputs of Obtain And Build Value Chain Activity

5 Outputs of Obtain And Build Value Chain Activity


Obtain and Build value chain activity is one of the value chain activities that you have to engage in when you want to co-create value in ITIL 4.  The purpose of this value chain activity is to ensure that service components are available where and when they are needed. it is also to ensure that all service components meet agreed specifications.


Now the outputs…


#1 Service components

One of the major outputs of the Obtain and Build value chain activity is the submission of Service components for Deliver and Support team. They have to submit this document so that the support team will have an idea of what is and what is not included in the proposed new or modified service. This will also allow the Support team to educate users on the proper way of getting the best out of such services. 


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#2 Design and Transition Service Components

After they might have reviewed all the requirements they have received from other departments and stakeholders within and outside the organisation, they have to now come up with service components that will be submitted to the Design and Transition team. This will guide this team that is responsible for designing the final solution to know the features that they need to include in the proposed solution. This will also guarantee that the final solution is acceptable to end-users. 


5 Outputs of Obtain And Build Value Chain Activity

#3 knowledge and Information

Another output of this value chain activity is the compilation of knowledge and information about new products and services as well as information about changed products and services in the organisation. The Obtain and Build team will need to come up with this knowledge and information so that all stakeholders can work together towards producing acceptable products and services to end-users. 

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#4 Contracts and Agreement requirements

Another major output of this phase is the contracts and agreement requirements from Obtain and Build from Engage team. This team has to liaise with the Engage team in order to understand the nature of products and services that will be awarded to contractors. It is when they understand this and study the requirements that they will understand what services should be handled in-house as well as the nature and requirements of contracts to be given to third parties.


#5 Performance Information

The last major output for Obtain and Build value chain activity is the compilation of performance information and improvement information which must be reviewed by the team. This information will come from the Improve team, who have analysed the outcome of the research from the Deliver and Support and Engage team. They are to look at the report, review how the service has performed so far and come up with recommendations on what can be done to improve service performance. 


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