Inputs Of Obtain And Build Value Chain

7 Inputs Of Obtain And Build Value Chain Activity


Obtain and Build Value Chain Activity happens to be one of the stages that an ITIL 4 Project Manager will go through when he plans to co-create value with customers. At this stage, the organization is trying to receive a compilation of Engagement files from the Engage team and use it to develop products and services that will meet customers’ requirements. In this article, I want to look at seven inputs of Obtain and Build Value Chain Activity. 


obtain and build value chain activity

The purpose of this value chain activity is to ensure that service components are available when and where they are needed. It is also to guarantee that whatever service is been provided meet agreed specifications.


Now the inputs…

#1 Architecture and Policies

The very first thing that Obtain and Build team will need are Architecture and Policies documents that detail all the specifications for the solution. They have to receive this document from the Planning team so that they will know what customers are expecting. This will assist them in developing products and services that will be acceptable to customers. 


#2 Contracts and Documents

Another input that they need is product specification documents from contractors. It is very vital for them to receive this document from contractors and suppliers so as to be sure that what they are going to supply will meet up with solution requirements. It is also proof that the contractors or suppliers really understand what the customer wants. 


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#3 Goods and Services

Another vital component that the Obtain and Build team need to receive in order to do their work successfully is the delivery of products and services that are needed in order to meet the need of customers. They have to critically assess the resources and make sure that whatever is been supplied by customers to meet up with the agreed Service Level Agreement.


This will go a long way in ensuring that stakeholders are satisfied with the deliverables at the end of the day. As part of this, the Engage team needs to supply them with details about their interaction with third parties both within and outside the organization. The Obtain and Build team also needs to ensure that they understand the different components of the proposed solution. 


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#4 Requirements and Specification

One other major inputs of the Obtain and Build value chain activity is the receiving of requirements and specifications for the proposed solution from the Design and Transition team. It is the duty of this team of experts to assist the Obtain and Build team in understand the purpose that the solution wants and coordinate them so that the proposed solution will meet the minimum standard expected from customers and other stakeholders.


#5 Improvement Initiatives

Other major inputs for the Obtain and Build team are the improvement initiatives that will be coming from the improvement team.  They are to engage customers and recommended areas of improvement for new and existing solutions. These are formed based on recommendations and suggestions they have received from customers. They now need to work assiduously in order to ensure that these policy recommendations are implemented.


#6 Improvement Status Report

Another major input of this value chain activity is the submission of Improvement status to the team. This will allow the Obtain and Build a team to know what has been done so far by the different stakeholders that are working to see that the project sees the light of the day. 


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#7 Project initiation or change requests

After the team might have received all the documents that they need, they now have to begin the process of initiating the project. There may also be a situation where the team will have to work with stakeholders in order to get project requirements. This will ensure that whatever will be produced at the end of the day will meet stakeholders’ expectations and requirements.


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