/How to find the nth smallest number in Excel

How to find the nth smallest number in Excel


You must be able to find the smallest number….


In my previous article, I have tried to find the largest number in an Excel data. I can say what I did in that article was somehow related to what I am going to do now. I want to teach you how to find the nth smallest number in Excel.


Let us assume that you want to find the fifth small number in a given range. How are you going to go about that? That is what I will be teaching you in this article. Follow me as we look at that together.


In order to do that. I will still be using the worksheet that I used in my previous article. With time, I am going to create link that will allow you to download the data file that I am using for this series. Let’s jump in without wasting much time again.




Smallest number for an employee…

First and foremost, I will be using the employee column. I want to look at the 7th smallest value ffrom that particular column.


You know already that every Excel formula starts with Equals to. Once you put the Equals to symbol, Excel knows that work is about to begin.



You are going to put the Equals to symbol and type the function that you are about to use.


How to go about finding the smallest number ?

To find the 5th smallest number, we are going to use the SMALL function.


I told you that typing the name is different from picking the function. You will have to double click the Fx symbol to pick the function. How will you that you have picked it? It will show you a guide of what you need to do to get your answer.



First thing to do when you are trying to find the smallest number 

The first thing is to highlight the Array , which is the column where your answer is coming from. After you done that you will put the comma. The k stands for constant, which shows the number you are looking for. Here we said we are looking for the 7th smallest number. So our k is 7.


Now we are done. Just press the ENTER key to see your answer.




You should never use the Function Library to do this for any reason. It is just too simple to get. Practice makes perfect. If you have any question, feel free to use the comment box.



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