Nigeria and Ghana Glo Unlimited Browsing via Hammer VPN

Nigeria and Ghana Glo Unlimited Browsing via Hammer VPN

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Hello to Everyone… 
This is another Privilege to enjoy your Lock down while it last. Since we don’t know a fixed date things will get back to it normal state and start our daily or monthly earning… We find out that majority of us now complain that 70% of our Savings are being taken away by either consumption of Data or Food. Since,  we now embark on the word Data Is Life. So we there fore divert our Spendings. 
But, Computer Gurus don’t sleep to makes life easier for all network Users to enjoy access to web for free or at lower subscription rate… 
So,  this tips is to show you how to set free Internet using Hammer VPN and Glo Sim card this trick works for both Ghana and Nigeria.

See the Steps Below
1.  Download and Install
Latest version of Hammer VPN
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🔨After installation , launch Hammer
VPN and configure the following settings below:
¤Change 500 to 80
¤Change  to 8080 or 8081

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Make Sure your settings is 100% correct to avoid seeing server 8 in the hammer VPN.
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Note: Seeing server 8 simply implies your configuration is not correct (wrong).
2. Turn ON Airplane mode and immediately exit Hammer VPN.

¤ After exiting, disable Airplane mode and re enter back Hammer VPN when your Network bar is trying to Show Up, by this period all servers will be refreshed to get German Servers.
¤ Choose and connect from any of the available German 🇩🇪 server, wait.
For those who have premium Hammer VPN account can enjoy unlimited
bandwidth access, while those on free service have a daily limit bandwidth for.
Enjoy …