8 network security checklists for users

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In this article , I want to give you some network security checklists that you should look out for when you plan to secure your network from hackers. Follow me as we do this together in this article.

The checklists…

  1. Schedule regular backup of the data files.
  2. Change network device passwords regularly.
  3. Regularly update the Operating system and other software with the latest patches.
  4. Block all access to the network infrastructure from the outside.
  5. Run performance monitoring software to receive alerts if something abnormal happens on the server or the network.
  6. Part of the network security checklists is for you to install anti-virus software on all workstations.
  7. Configure the server to scan both incoming and outgoing files.
  8. Scan all incoming and outgoing emails and attachments.
network security checlists

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