What to do When Network Adapter is Unplugged

network adapter

I know it happens to us many times when we would like to use the network but we could not gain access. One of the problems might be that the network adapter is unplugged. If that happens, you might not be able to access the internet. In this article, I want to show you the way out of that mess. Believe it is something you can fix without calling the IT guys.

What to do When Network Adapter is Unplugged

You can fix it by taking these five steps.

  1. You need to verify that both ends of the network cables are properly connected.
  2. If the cable is properly connected, you have to verify that the modem and router are plugged and turned on.
  3. If the user has more than one network port available in the router, plug the cable into a different port. If the network connection works, then the original port of the router is faulty.
  4. You now have to replace the network cable with a new cable. You might have a faulty network cable.
  5. The network adapter on the system might have failed.

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