Negative effects of unsolicited SMS on CRM

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Here is the negative effect of unsolicited text messages on CRM…

If there is anything that fellow Nigerian citizen hates, it is the annoying text messages that keep coming in when you on your phone in the morning. It was as if those messages have been programmed with keystrokes on your phone.
Once you press your phone in the morning, the unsolicited messages will start rolling in. In this article, I want to talk about how unsolicited messages shows that telecom operators in Nigeria are not customer-centric in nature.
Before I open my discussion or go in-depth on this topic. I would like to define customer relationship management from the angel of authorities in the field so that you can know what I am really talking about.

unsolicited text messages
According to Robert Thompson, the Founder of customerthink, he defines Customer Relationship Management in his own way.
According to him, CRM requires a customer-centric business philosophy and culture to support effective Marketing, Sales and Customer service process. Customer Relationship Management applications can enable effective CRM, provided that an enterprise has the right leadership, strategy and culture.

what is he saying concerning unsolicited text messages

Robert Thompson is trying to tell us that when we say an organization is customer-centric, it means the organization has come up with a blueprint that allows the front offices to work together in order to build a relationship with customers and assist the organization in doing business from customers’ perspective.
what am I saying?
A good customer-centric enterprise should know the best form of communication method to give their customers.


When you are doing your sim registration, do they ever ask you how you want to be communicated on new product developments? I believe the answer is “NO”.
They did not ask that question. The annoying part of it is that there is nothing wrong with communicating through text messages, but the messages were just too much, and they are sent in a language that some receivers cannot understand.
I have relatives and dependants who have not been to school at all. This category of people registered their sim card. They have not gone beyond primary school level in their academics. Still, telecom giants are sending them text messages in the English language.
Believe me, most of these messages are deleted as soon as they enter their phones.

true nature of a customer-centric enterprise ….

As a customer-centric enterprise, you should know what your customers want and put all types of machinery in place in order to give them exactly what they want. That is the only way of raising the exit barrier for your customers.

more about unsolicited text messages

Believe me, it is not only telecom giants that are making this kind of mistake. Some of us have businesses and we do not have proper records of our customers and prospects and how they want to be served.
That is why some of us are losing customers because we take vital things for granted.

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