Why You use MS Project 2016 Templates for Projects


Why You use MS Project 2016 Templates for Projects


Templates: Avoid reinventing the wheel

Instead of creating a plan from scratch, you might be able to use a template that
includes much of the initial information you need, like task names and
relationships. Sources of templates include:

Templates installed with Project These can vary depending on the installation
options that were selected when Project was installed on your computer.
Online templates Microsoft makes a large number of Project templates
available for free download via the web.

MS Project 2016 Templates within your organization You might be in an organization that has a central library of templates. Often, such templates contain detailed task definitions, resource assignments, and other details that are unique to the organization.

ms project 2016 users

To see available templates, click the File tab and then click New. Templates also
appear on the Project Start screen.

In addition, Project can generate a new file based on an existing file from Project,
or from another program via the Import Wizard.

You can also create templates from your plans for later use or to share. One
common concern with sharing plans is that they might contain sensitive information
like resource pay rates. When you create a template from a plan, you have the
option to clear such information, in addition to schedule progress. The original plan
is not affected.


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