/More unique ways of turning visitors to customers

More unique ways of turning visitors to customers




In one of my articles, I have addressed some of the ways that you can turn visitors to customer . I want to give you more of that in this article. Follow me as we do this together.


encourage visitors to take action
There is the need for you to encourage your visitors to take action by purchasing your products or service. You must be able to give customers suggestions on how best to use your products or services. After that you can now allow them to make their decisions.

turning visitors to customers

increase downloading speed
I once got to discover that the best time it should take for a website to open is 10 seconds. An average person do not have the patience of waiting when there are other options. You have to make sure that you increase the downloading speed of your website in order to attract more customers.


lucrative offers
An average human being like free things. This is also applicable to rich individuals. Have you ever wonder why people have to wait till Black Friday before they make their purchase. One thing I have come to realise is that organisations will always have one promo or the other they are doing in order to bring the price a little bit down. You need to come up with some of this mouth watering offers in order to attract more customers.


substance rather than style

In one of my articles, I Have talked about the concept of design and how it is very essential in order for you to retain customers. But apart from beautiful design , the old saying still remain the same till tomorrow that ” Content is King”. If you are selling any product, you have to be making sure that you are giving customers value for their money. Without that, you are not going to record sales.


entice existing customer to revisit

One other way of turning visitors to customers is to improve on customers experience. If you are a Blogger, you have to make sure you are coming up with quality content. If you have an online store, you must ensure that you are doing something unique that will make your customers to revisit over and over again.



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