5 More Customers To Identify In CRM

Here are five more customers to identify in CRM…

In my previous article, I have talked about who your customer is and the reason why you need to identify all your customers. You really need to know who your customers are, as this will help you to plan your interaction with them. In this article, therefore, I want to help you to identify more customers that you need to cater to them.
5 More Customers To Identify In CRM
#1 agent
Many organizations would not count Agents as one type of customers but honestly, they are. At times, your real customers may not have direct interaction with you. They access your products and services through your authorized agents. In the Insurance industry, for example, policies are purchased through Agents. Organizations, therefore, must convince their agents of their production values.
In order to retain their customers, the organization must treat their agents as customers. Organizations must provide their independent agents with tools that will ensure their success.
The organization must make their agents’ success their priority. They also have to understand their agent‘s relationship with their customers as well as the profitability of the agent in question.
#2 beneficiary
These are the categories of people in an organization that are the end-users of particular products or services. Take for instance, if I give all my staffs Caller User Group (CUG) for them to communicate with one another. This might prompt them to purchase another product from a network provider. That is why you have to ensure their satisfaction.
#3 billpayer
When we talk of the Bill Payer, this is the Big Boss paying for the beneficiary of your products or services. You need to identify the bill payer and come to understand that the bill payer might not be using your products or services but he has the power to take your customers away or buy more of your product based on how he is been treated.
Like the CUG example that I gave you earlier, I might decide that my Staffs are not using MTN again but Airtel lines.
#4 customer
A customer is someone that owns your product or service but could also fit into other categories that you have specified as customers. You should know this that your customer may be a Bill Payer or beneficiary somewhere else.
Take, for example, I may have a savings account somewhere but have a current account with six figures somewhere else. That is why you have to know your customers and the kind of relationship they keep.
#5 competitor
Some of you might be wondering, why do I need to bother myself about my competitors? At times, you might be rendering your services or making your infrastructures available to your competitors.
Another reason why you have to bother about your competitor is that your competitor might come up with products or services that may drive customers away from your lifecycle. That is why it is sometimes difficult to know who actually started a particular service. What you notice is that, once a particular provider started something, others follow suit.


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