How to monitor web analytics through packet sniffing

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 What to do when Packet sniffing occurs…..


Packet Sniffing occurs when incoming or outgoing packets or data are being captured so that they can be properly analysed. This can happen with or without the consent of the person sending such data. In many of my previous articles, I have looked at some of the tools that can be used to monitor and analyse activities going on, on your website. In this article, I want to look at how Packet sniffer can be used for website analysis. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.


Packet sniffer is a piece of software installed on your web server or a hardware deployed between your web and your server to monitor every activity going on your website. It normally captures all activity by examining all data going in and out of your website.
packet sniffing

Packet sniffing provide realistic statistics

The packet sniffer provide more realistic statistic that all other form of web analytics tools because it is able to grab the data that is going in and out of the website. This allows it to come up with a complete overview of the website.

Packet sniffing help in data analysis

The packet sniffer analyse data by sniffing the packets that are going out of the website. This is been done in such a way that it does not make any amendment to your web pages. That means no customization is required before packet sniffing can be done on a web page.


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The packet sniffer tracked and monitor all the browsed traffic that are passing through the packet sniffer which is already set on the web server.

Packet sniffing help in tracking web pages

The packet sniffer also has the ability track web page whose Javascript is not inactive. That means it can easily work where other web pages are inactive.
We have some good examples of Packet sniffing software such as tcpdump, Wireshark, Cain and Abel among others. You can Google anyone of them to get started.


Packet Sniffing is a constant practise in many organisations where softwares are used in order to capture data and analyse it so that it can be a basis for decision making. The reason Packet sniffing is also very advisable is that it allows you to have a second look at data and discover those things that cannot be discovered while the activity itself was going on.


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