How to monitor and delegate lead conversion in sales

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This is how you can monitor and delegate lead conversion….




In many of my previous articles, I have talked about lead conversion as well as how you can turn opportunities to customers. In this article, I want to look at how you can delegate lead conversion in order to turn prospects to customers. This involves ways you can monitor and delegate responsibilities in order to turn lead to customers. Follow me as we look at some of these processes together.
#1 Segregate
In carrying out lead conversion, there is the need to divide responsibilities among your sales teams. You need to send the right message to the right person in order to get the right result. This involves dividing your team members into various groups so that you can follow up adequately. Dividing your sales team will allow you to have team members that can work aggresively towards turning leads to customers.

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You need to take on the lead and find out what has been preventing them from becoming customers. This will help you to resolve pending issues and turn leads to customers.

#2 Determine source
When you are carrying out lead conversion, there is the need for you to determine the source that have high chances of converting to leads. When you discover this source, you will be able to give the required attention that it deserves in order to convert more leads to customers.

This will also help you to put more effort on source that will yield better result to your organisation.


You can also make use of CRM systems in order to turn more leads to customers. CRM will help you to identify profitable customers as well as those that are likely to be interested in your products or services.


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